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Mt Kipipiri

Set against the backdrop of the scenic Mt Kipipiri, the school provides an ideal learning environment

Quality Education

Education is the key to positively changing our world. At the Foothills we are committed to doing our best to prepare our students for this task.

Smart Success

A great career starts with great education, we are here to help you to realize your dreams, to achieve smart success

Our Motto

Maeistas per humilitatem’ in latin, means ‘Greatness with humility’. This was appropriately selected to emphasize our desire to develop great, yet humble or down to earth leaders, in whatever fields they choose to pursue.

The Foothills School, Kipipiri.

Set at the scenic foothills of Mt Kipipiri, which forms part of the Aberdare ranges, in Miharati, Kipipiri, Nyandarua County, this new and ultra- modern Secondary Boarding School for boys opened its doors to the first group of future leaders on 10 February, 2015.

Please take a bit of your time to discover more about this unique school, and how it can meet your child's development needs. We look forward to welcoming you to the School for a conversation on your needs.

After Climbing a great hill,one finds there are many more hills to climb
Nelson Mandela