Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission is to develop future generations of leaders for our country and the region.


We will seek to develop confident, self-respecting and well-rounded characters who aspire to bring out the best of their God given talents while respecting the rights of others to be different. These will be boys who see a higher calling in their life, to serve the greater good of society over self,  boys that are ready and willing to change that society through positive actions and ideas.


In order to fulfill this Mission, we will use our human resources, facilities and networks to :

• Create a conducive environment for talented boys, to learn within a holistic framework both academic and co-curricular activities. This will include mentor-ship programs, real life exposure and simulation programs in industry to experience future challenges

• Bring out the competitive spirit in each of the boys while emphasizing the need for humility, collaboration and shared responsibilities as team members.

• Prepare the students as future leaders with the necessary community service skills as integral members of our society.

• Foster the spirit of oneness and unity as a school community, and as a country.