The Management Team will comprise the Headmaster as Chairman, Deputy Headmaster, Curriculum Master, Bursar, and one non-academic staff representative. Other staff members may be co-opted as the need arises. The MT will oversee the harmonious co-existence of all staff and operations in carrying out day to day activities of the school. The MT will also ensure resolutions of the Board and PTA are executed.

The Headmaster is the Chief Executive of the school and is responsible to the Board for the management of the school, and achievement of the set targets.

The Bursar is responsible for the property and non-educational administration of the school including statutory compliance and has the care of its income and expenditure. The Bursar is responsible to the Headmaster, but may be required to report on the financial activities to the Board and its committees

The Deputy Headmaster deputises for the Headmaster in his absence, and oversees the school values (QCI), as well as the boarding and welfare aspects.

The Curriculum Master oversees the entire educational programme that the school offers its boys. The curriculum encompasses not only the academic but also those many other co-curricular activities, particularly in the areas of leadership, sport, music and drama, which are integral to boys' lives.