Our Values

Our Values

As a leadership development center for boys, our core values, are anchored on three pillars, popularly referred to as QCI :

     1.  Quality 

We wish to inculcate into our boys the need to focus on quality in everything we do, in our learning, living and thinking.

We shall continuously emphasize the need to strive to do the right thing right, first time and all the time, which avoids waste.

We will ensure the boys aspire for excellence to achieve quality grades, leading to quality jobs that will lift their quality of life, and that of their families and communities. At the personal level, this will extend to their grooming, their outlook to life, and a culture of zero-tolerance to mediocrity in their lives.

     2.  Character

We will work on bringing out the best character in our boys through programs aimed at enabling them to discover themselves, their strengths and weaknesses. This will be reinforced by mentoring to build in the right levels of confidence, integrity, resilience, positive attitudes, humility, and tolerance and respect for others, irrespective of their backgrounds, origin or other factors that make them appear different.

Within this pillar, we will also emphasize the synergies to be derived from teamwork, the importance of collaboration while encouraging competition

    3.  Innovation

In today’s dynamic world, finding new ways of solving the ever-changing challenges is critical. We will prepare our boys to be risk-takers, fully expressing themselves as they experiment on new ideas and develop unique solutions to the issues confronting us in our daily lives.


Each of these 3 Foothills School values pillars will be assigned to, and overseen by, designated teachers who will report on their progress.