About Us


Set at the scenic foothills of Mt Kipipiri, which forms part of the Aberdare ranges, in Miharati, Kipipiri, Nyandarua County, this new and ultra- modern Secondary School for boys opened on 10 February 2015, with the first intake of Form1 students. Their arrival heralded realization of a dream, and we look forward to nurturing them in line with our mission.

The school is designed primarily as a boarding, leadership development centre for boys, while encompassing the national KCSE (8-4-4) curriculum. (I.G.C.S.E will be introduced eventually).

Our Motto ‘Maeistas per humilitatem’ in Latin, means ‘Greatness with humility’. This was selected to emphasize our desire to develop great, yet humble or down to earth leaders, as was exemplified by Mandela, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Luther, Einstein and many others, during their time on earth.