International GCSE

When eventually launched, the International GCSE curriculum  will involve a three to five-year programme beginning from either  Year 7, 8 or 9, and the examination Years 10 and 11. The programme runs from September each year, with final exams in May/June of year 11. Boys may also opt for ‘A levels’ thereafter. The compulsory subjects are English and Mathematics, and a choice of at least 5 optional subjects.

Admission will require boys to meet minimum requirements in English and Mathematics, and satisfactory completion of necessary Stages of the International GCSE Curriculum. Boys on the 8-4-4 Curriculum  may join the IGCSE programme in January after completion of Standard 7 as Year 8, or after Standard 8 as Year 9.

Edexcel’s International GCSE qualifications are currently available in 40 subjects to provide more choice to students wishing to study a variety of subjects. At Foothills, we aim to provide the following:

Category                    Subjects

Art:                            Art and Design, Music

Business/finance:         Accounting, Business Studies, Commerce, Economics

English:                      English Language, English Literature

Languages:                 French, Swahili

Humanities:                Geography, History, Religious Studies

Mathematics:              Maths – Further Pure, Mathematics A, Mathematics B

Science:                     Biology, Chemistry, Human Biology, Physics

Technology:           ICT