Accommodation for the boys is provided in two residential houses, the 192 bed Gandhi House (shown below) which is complete and in use, and a planned future Mother Theresa House. These have Four wings each, and are further divided into cubicles that take 4 to 6 boys each, with modern toilets and showers, including hot water. The second floor has a lounge where boys can relax and unwind.

All bedding items, i.e, bed, mattress, pillow, bedsheets, pillow cases, and duvet are provided by the school. Laundry services are provided as well.

A live-in Janitor and the House master will oversee the boys comfort in the hostel, while a school nurse, linked to qualified medical staff offsite will provide the required health care and support.

Accommodation for the Headmaster, Deputy and some teachers and critical support staff is provided on the premises, creating one huge community, and full time support for the boys.

We ensure that life at Foothills School is as comfortable as it can be for the students giving parents the peace of mind as their children board at Foothills. At all times, the parents can be confident that the students are in safe hands.