Leadership Program

Leadership Program

The Foothills School is designed primarily as a leadership development center for boys.  Our desire is to develop great, yet humble or down to earth leaders.

We will create a conducive environment for talented boys, to learn within a holistic framework both academic and co-curricular activities that will include Mentorship programs, and real life exposure and simulation programs in industry to experience future challenges. 

The Foothills School is a values based institution that nurtures our young men to become leaders of the future. In keeping with our guiding philosophy, Mission, and Core values (QCI), the leadership development programme will take place from the moment boys arrive at Foothills, when they will be organised into groups of 6-8 boys, for group learning activities, and as part of inculcating the requisite culture of teamwork and collaboration.

Our over-arching objective is to create a critical mass of like-minded leaders who are willing to serve and influence positive change in their communities. We hope to build on the diversity of their backgrounds and geography to create synergy through scheduled coursework, role learning, mentorship, community programmes and personal development outdoor activities.  

At the Foothills therefore, reflecting on the words of the late Nelson Mandela ..  'After climbing a great hill, one finds there are many more hills to climb.' we will aim to create leaders of the future, in whatever field they end up in, by empowering them at their critical teenage stage to master the context, and to surmount the challenges in their future lives and careers, as they climb hill, after hill, after hill, ad infinitum..