Fee Structure

School Fees

Our fees are competitively determined to cater for the costs of Tuition and students accommodation and to reflect the high-quality standards set for the school. Other costs including of special projects, student visits, individual medical care, will be advised separately as they arise and paid as extra.


The Foothills School fees for Form 1 students joining in 2017 are as follows.

Admission fees  -  KShs 5,000 payable on submission of application forms.

Caution money  -  KShs 5,000 to be paid on admission, and refundable at end of students' life at Foothills

School fees  (same as Forms 2 and 3) - to cover Tuition (including text books, exercise books) and Boarding (including beddings)  payable as:

Option 1 : KShs 190,000 annual payment if paid in full at beginning of the year , or

Option 2 : KShs 75,000 for Term 1, KShs 65,000 for Term 2 and KShs 55,000 for Term 3, all payable at beginning of each term.


The fees for the IGCSE curriculum will be advised when this is eventually launched.

The Foothills fee structure may be reviewed in future with active participation of the governance structures that will include the parents, to ensure the standards are not compromised, should national costs materially change.