School Routine



Life at The Foothills School, is modelled on the basis of a civilized and mature community, living as one large family. Each student will be expected to be mindful of the implications of their individual actions on the whole school community. These rules are only issued as the basic guidelines to help uniformity in interpreting the common expectations. They are meant to bring out harmony and oneness as they prepare you to play your rightful role in a just society, in line with our guiding mantra “Maiestas per humilitatem, Greatness with humility”.

  • All students shall exercise utmost courtesy at all times, as they relate with the academic staff, other staff, and the public and fellow students.
  • Students must behave themselves with decorum at all times, and shall avoid behaviour that compromises their character or that casts the schools in bad light.
  • Students will observe all aspects of personal hygiene, school cleanliness and be smartly dressed in school uniform at all times.
  • Drugs and substance abuse are prohibited in line with our national values. Any incidents noted must be reported at the earliest opportunity.
  • Students must at all times ensure their actions do not endanger themselves, their colleagues or cause damage to school or public property.
  • All students must report back to school on the date indicated on the relevant correspondence. Absence from school and scheduled school activities will not allowed. No student should leave the school without written permission, duly signed by the Headmaster, Deputy Headmaster or Teacher on duty, and upon return, the student must surrender the leave out chit to the teacher on duty.
  • As a school established on Values Based Leadership, all students will attend school assemblies, parades, mentorship programs, co-curriculum activities, and prayer meetings among other activities aimed at moulding an all-round character.
  • Conflicts shall be avoided, but should they occur, they must be resolved amicably in line with the school values of harmonious coexistence
  • Students shall respect other people’s properties.
  • Students are encouraged to forward their grievances promptly through the right channels
  • Disruptions to student activities shall be avoided; visits to students should abide by the allowed dates in the school calendar.
  • All the students must strive to be punctual at all times, and practice Quality Time Management.
  • NB: Any student contravening the above set of Rules and Regulations will be liable to reprimand and commensurate corrective measures as the school may deem fit. Extreme violations may result in termination of the students stay at Foothills.