Our Logo

Our Logo

The Foothills School is a value based institution that nurtures our young men to become great leaders who embrace humility as a virtue.

The greatness is depicted in the logo by the Red colours, while the humility is by the earth colours.

The necessary traits for a leader are inspired by the Eagle, soaring to greatness, and these include: strength, resilience, commitment, self awareness and focus (see the 7 Principles of the Eagle).

The beak of an eagle symbolizes strength. We aim to develop strong willed characters who will remain true to their dreams despite the never ending challenges.

The talons of the eagle symbolise resilience; never letting go despite the enormity of the challenge.

The eyes of the eagles have sharp visual acuity. At the Foothills School we will nurture the students to have clarity of thought and vision by prioritizing on the key components of their character that will offer life and not self destruction .This will be by identifying their talents at an early stage and continuously motivating them to exploit the talents fully.

To this end, both curricula and co-curriculum activities will  be avenues to see the students take flight into greatness.