Visitors' comments

We wish to thank all those who have visited us over the last 3 years, and most recently since December 2014 as they sought facilities for their boys. We are encouraged by your words of support, and have also taken on board your comments on improvements. We believe this is our facility together, and we will walk this journey together, for the future of our boys.

some comments stand out:

1. ... are you sure this is a secondary school or a University? ...Visiting couple, October 2014

2. ... i confirm that i have been to the school, am already impressed and have already enrolled my son. the facilty is fantastic and well thought out, an investment worth the while. i look forward to being the first PTA chair ...... James Axxxx, 30 Jan, at 16.10

3. ...seen the school, it ia a pride of our County, ...John Koxxxx, 1 feb