Student Shopping Lists

Student Shopping List

New Students shopping list

Accommodation related:

The school will provide the necessary bedding (bed, mattress, pillow, bed-sheets, duvet and duvet-cover). The boys will bring along:-

2 pairs of pyjamas

2 Bath towels

Adequate items of underwear (vests optional)

Bathroom slippers / sandals

Toiletries – (soap, shower gels, toothpaste, shoe polish etc) and personal grooming items

3 padlocks - (for Wardrobe and books locker)

 ( Please note that no personal food items, drinks etc will be allowed into the school )


Classwork related:

The Foothills School will provide the recommended teaching materials, reference books, class text books, and writing materials, i.e., exercise books, pens, and pencils. The boys will only bring along the following items, which will remain their personal property:-

Oxford Advanced Dictionary 8th Edition

Oxford Kamusi ya Kiswahili Sanifu (Tuki new edition)

Atlas (Phillips / Macmillan)

Bible (RSV)

Hymn Book (new edition)

Scientific calculator

Mathematical set (Oxford)

30cm Ruler